The WASP Research Arena (WARA) projects are in execution. During fall 2017 the arenas will focus on supporting groups of researchers and WASP PhD students engaged in the WASP Project Course. The Project Course holds a preparatory function to the large scale demonstrations that are planned for the two arenas in 2018 and 2019.

The two WARAs are WARA-CAT (Collaborative and Autonomous Transport) and WARA-PS (Public Safety). WARA-CAT provides leading edge research facilities for exploring highly automated driving and C-ITS (Collaborative Intelligent Transport Systems). It aims to enable tests and demonstrations in realistic traffic scenarios. The goal is to host active research and industry collaborations with emphasis on city traffic, to increase the level of automated driving support, improve traffic efficiency and to maximize safety. Read more about WARA-CAT here.

The goal for the WARA-PS is to provide an environment for testing and evaluating academic research and industrial solutions for the public safety area. The arena comprises a coastal security center and exhibits several terrain types. The planned test scenario is a search-and-rescue mission, combining the use of autonomous ships and drones. The command and control station showcases WASP research. Learn more about WARA-PS here.

Thus, the WASP Research Arenas provide researchers with unique access to state of the art test and demonstration environments. In this way WASP enables researchers to explore research questions that neither the industry nor academia would pursue otherwise.


Published: October 24th, 2017

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