University Contacts

Bo Wahlberg

Professor of the Chair of Automatic Control, KTH

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Erik Elmroth

Professor, Computing Science, Umeå University

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Ivica Crnkovic

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Chalmers

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Karl-Erik Årzén

Professor, Department of Automatic Control, Lund University

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Michael Felsberg

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University

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Amy Loutfi

Professor, Department of Science and Technology, Örebro University

Thomas Schön

Professor of Automatic Control Engineering, Uppsala University

Program Office

Michael Lögdlund

Program Coordinator

+46 13 28 20 98

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Elina Hjertström

Program Coordinator

+46 13 28 47 85

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Petronella Norberg

Coordinator Graduate School

+46 13 28 28 37

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Anna Björnemo

Administration of graduate school courses, events and international study visits and trips. Contact for registrations and bookings of internal WASP meetings.

+46 13 28 14 05

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Natalie Pintar

Communications officer, strategic communication, public relations, web editor

+46 13 28 24 81

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Henrik Perälä

Communications officer, social media editor, content production, web editor

+46 13 28 23 48

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Anne Moe

Administration of mailing lists, handling and archiving of grant letters, student results and issuing certificates for approved courses and summer schools. General questions on rules concerning graduate studies.

+46 13 28 14 60

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Jessica Danielsson Piazze

WASP Financial Officer Contact for appointed financial officers at the WASP universities.

+46 13 28 17 70

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