WASP is Sweden’s most extensive research program ever. The aim is to start at least 60 new research groups in Sweden by attracting outstanding younger researchers as well as established experts and sharp PhD students.

The total budget of the WASP program is 5.5 billion SEK during the years 2015-2029. The program is dedicated to significantly strengthen the competence in AI, autonomous systems and underlying software methodology and technology in Sweden – for the benefit of Swedish industry.

This is done through strategic recruitments of new faculty, a large graduate school that will produce at least 400 new PhDs, where at least 100 of those being industrial PhD students, and career support for WASP PhD’s. Networking and cross-organizational collaboration is an inherent part of WASP.

Please see our open calls if you are interested in joining us. If you are interested in career possibilities after graduating from WASP’s graduate school, please see the pages about WASP Postdoc.


“WASP is a generous program that can give your research a larger impact. It also creates collaboration opportunities that can enrich your work.”
Hector Geffner, Wallenberg Guest Professor in AI.