WARA-PS (Public Safety)

The Research Area Public Safety provides a realistic, large scale and industrially relevant demonstration environment using scenarios that focus on keeping the society and its citizens safe when accidents, catastrophes or disruptions occur. The area of Public Safety and Security research is of increasing importance both nationally and internationally. Public Safety often means dealing with extreme situations and require new technical solutions that can showcase the advances in Autonomous Systems and Software research.

The goal for the Public Safety Arena is to provide an environment for testing and evaluating academic research and industrial products that together forms a system of systems that needs to be integrated at different levels. During September 2018 the Arena plans to demonstrate a ”Search and Rescue” situation in Karlskrona with a large number of people being shipwrecked. The search will be conducted using several autonomous ships and drones that will plan their own routes and how to make the best use of available sensors and other capabilities. The command and control station will showcase WASP research to demonstrate both novel ways to operate and to process incomplete and heterogeneous information. The research arena has a strong involvement of, among others, SAAB and Ericsson.


The WARA-PS research arena is under planning, and additional stakeholders are in discussion.


Miljö, WARA