WARA-CAT (Collaborative and Autonomous Transport)

The research arena Collaborative and Autonomous Transport aims at providing leading edge research facilities for highly automated driving and C-ITS (Collaborative Intelligent Transport Systems). Certain emphasis will be put on city traffic, with the goals of increasing the level of automated driving support, improving traffic efficiency, and maximizing safety. In addition, research and demonstrations about methods, tools, and processes for working with an endlessly growing amount of data from and about such systems is crucial for WASP-WARA.

City traffic is a very challenging environment for highly automated vehicles, and to achieve a substantially increased traffic efficiency demands collaborative and coordinated vehicles and other road users involving communication between vehicles and with the infrastructure.  Overall, this leads to a complex overall system involving a large number of research challenges in many different technical areas. The purpose of WARA-CAT is to provide an arena facilitating WASP research to explore and demonstrate advances in many of the involved technology areas for a number of use cases.

WARA-CAT has a strong involvement from, among others, the Swedish automotive industry and Ericsson, and includes WASP research from all universities involved in WASP. Target facilities include vehicles from e.g. Volvo Cars, Autoliv, Chalmers, and KTH, where early emphasize in WARA-CAT will be put on opportunities to integrate research contributions as well as simulation environments, both regarding sensor fusion, perception, and control. Furthermore, we intent to build a dedicated 5G end-to-end Proof of Concept network at AstaZero to support WARA-CAT use cases. To start with, this network consists of the latest LTE technology with some concept software such as Network Slicing, Local Breakout, and a Distributed Mobile Edge Cloud to minimize latency. The network is dedicated to this purpose and can be optimized depending on use cases, and in this way provide better characteristics than any commercial network with the same features. The network is evolving towards full 5G when these components become available and use cases so require.


The WARA-CAT research arena is under planning, and additional stakeholders are in discussion.