Wallenberg Foundations has launched WASP-HS as an initiative for humanistic and social scientific research in AI and autonomous systems. It is managed as an independent and parallel, but close, program to WASP.

Through the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, the Wallenberg Foundations are investing up to SEK 660 million in WASP-HS. First and foremost, the WASP-HS program will analyze potential ethical, economic, labor market, social and legal aspects of the technology transition.

The WASP-HS program is planned to run 2019 – 2028 and will form an independent and parallel program to WASP, while maintaining a close dialogue with the WASP program. WASP-HS includes the following components:

  • A research program aiming at forming an interdisciplinary community across the funded projects
  • A national graduate school
  • Recruitment of junior and visiting faculty across disciplines
  • International partnerships and activities.

The vision of WASP-HS is excellent research and competence on the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems for humanities and society.