Two questions for Natalie Pintar, communications officer at WASP, about the new website.


WASP has a new website. How is it different from the old one? 

The WASP website has gotten a big facelift with a brighter look and easier navigation. For example, the font is now more airy to fit the need of handling longer texts and there is a possibility to search for content.

The most significant change though, is that we divided the website into two parts, one for external communication and one for internal. The internal site is where people within WASP can find information about courses, activities, and so on. It also has a much-needed calendar which hopefully will help professors, supervisors, and graduate students to get an overview of the coming year.


What about the external site? 

The external site is where industry, researchers, companies, and media can find information about WASP. It should be possible to skim the site to get a rough idea about what the WASP program is and how to cooperate. But you can also find longer texts to get a fuller picture of WASP and the research being conducted.

Another purpose of the site is to attract new people to WASP, graduate students interested in PhD studies of course, but also applicants to senior positions.

Since WASP is such a vast program, the external site might be useful for people within WASP too.


Ideas are welcome

Please let me know what you think about the site! What do you appreciate about it, what information or functions do you still miss? Write to me .

Published: December 18th, 2019

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