A conference taking its start in Singapore, passing through Europe, finishing off in California, U.S. This year the open WASP4ALL conference invites all participants to a highly international digital experience on the topic – Virtual Worlds for Artificial Intelligence.

So, why the topic Virtual Worlds for Artificial Intelligence? Michael Felsberg, professor in Computer Vision at Linköping University, is chair of the conference program committee, he explains:

– AI is the dominating research topic, not only in WASP but also in the broader field. Scarcity of data and system evaluation are two of the major challenges in AI. Many researchers consider virtual environments being a useful tool for addressing these.

To explore what use virtual worlds and synthetic data have to offer research in artificial intelligence, WASP has invited speakers from both the national and international AI research scene as well as speakers from Swedish industry.

– I am really happy about the list of speakers: many international researchers and a significantly better gender balance than common in the area, but in particular very excellent speakers, says Michael Felsberg and continues:

– Our guests, the delegates from WASP, Sweden, and our international partner universities, can expect an inspiring event with interesting talks providing technical depth as well as broader reflections. On top of that a lively panel discussion, and social interaction during the coffee breaks.

A Selection of Speakers

  • Annika Rantzer, Department Manager Traffic Infrastructure Detection, Veoneer
  • Fernanda Viégas, Senior Researcher, Google
  • Kai-Kuang Ma, Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, NTU Singapore
  • Kathlén Kohn, WASP Assistant Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Stefan Gudmonsson, Lead Data Scientist, H&M
  • Trevor Darrell, Berkeley, Professor at the divisions of Computer Science and EE of the EECS Department, UC Berkeley

Published: September 29th, 2020

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