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Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest ever individual research program, a major national initiative for basic research, education and faculty recruitment. The total budget for the program is more than 3.5 billion SEK, and major goals are more than 50 new professors and more than 300 new PhDs within AI, Autonomous Systems and Software.

The ambition is to advance Sweden into an internationally recognized and leading position in these areas, and WASP is now taking a step by launching a first broad investment in Artificial Intelligence. The offering includes several different positions to build and strengthen AI in Sweden.


The positions offered in this round are:


Wallenberg Chairs in AI
are professorships at the highest level. Up to five positions will open during spring 2018.

An executive search exercise is being undertaken by Perrett Laver to assist the recruitment committee.  Further information, including details of how to apply, can be downloaded at quoting reference 3595. For informal inquiries please contact Dr Jack Bircher at or +31 20 2404 378.  Applications should consist of a letter of motivation and a complete curriculum vitae including a publication and research funding list. The closing date for applications is Thursday 23rd August.

August 23rd        Deadline 1st round of recruitment (expression of interest)

September         Formal call opens, 1st round of recruitment

October 9th        Deadline 2nd round of recruitment (expression of interest)

November          Formal call opens, 2nd round of recruitment


WASP University PhD positions within AI/MLX

Open position at KTH, deadline for application 2018-09-30
Open position at Chalmers, deadline for application 2018-10-01
Two positions at Linköping university, deadline for application 2018-10-07
Open position at Chalmers, deadline for application 2018-10-15
Open position at KTH, deadline for application 2018-10-20
Open position at Chalmers, deadline for application 2018-10-21
Open position at KTH, deadline for application 2018-10-21
Open position at Chalmers and Linköping university. More information, deadline for application 2018-11-02 and 2018-10-26
Up to two positions at Uppsala university, deadline for application 2018-10-28

WASP University PhD positions within AI/Mathematics

Open position/s at Lund university, deadline for application 2018-10-10
Two positions at Linköping university, deadline for application 2018-10-15
Open position at Chalmers, deadline for application 2018-10-30
Open position at KTH, deadline for application 2018-10-31


Six Professorships within basic mathematics for AI
to be announced. Contact Johan Håstad,,  for more information.



Previous calls:

WASP Expedition projects

Up to seven Professorships within AI/machine learning deadline 2018-07-31
will open during spring 2018. Information about the prioritized areas .
Interested candidates should register their interest no later than July 31st, 2018, 23:59 CEST.
Contact persons: Danica Kragic, and Lars Nielsen,

WASP Collaboration Projects application deadline 2018-06-03

Fifteen WASP industrial PhD student positions application deadline 2018-05-11

WASP university PhD student positions application deadlines passed for all positions



Published: March 16th, 2018

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