Research Arenas

Greater research impact and industrially relevant breakthroughs, two of several expected outcomes of the WASP Research Arenas. A unique opportunity for developing scientific theories outside the lab in industrially relevant settings.

The main goal for WASP Research Arenas is to facilitate collaboration and mutual development for WASP researchers and our industrial partners. By offering a friendly and collaborative environment combined with technical support, the research arenas are driving the development of more relevant research questions and greater impact.

WASP Research Arenas give a unique opportunity to test and develop scientific theories outside the lab in industrially relevant settings. With the eminent combination of technical infrastructure and support and top researchers from academia and industry on different seniority levels coming together – WASP Research Arenas are essential to the success of several research questions within the WASP scope.

Values of Engaging in WASP Research Arenas

Engaging in WASP Research Arenas improve research impact and can be an important component for dissemination. There are some specific key benefits for different participants:

WASP PhD Students

  • Validate the potential of your research results and improve impact
  • Get access to state-of-the-art resources
  • Grow your network with others in the WASP community and Swedish industry

WASP Faculty

  • Collaborate with leading industrial researchers
  • Inspiration and well-grounded sense of relevance when formulating new research challenges
  • Support WASP Graduate School Project Courses


  • Influence research agendas
  • Get access to research results
  • Visibility to brilliant WASP PhD students

Research Arenas in WASP

There are, up to this date, two active WASP Research Arenas.

WARA Public Safety (WARA–PS) focuses on system-of-systems in joint operation to handle complex scenarios around public safety. This includes for example vehicles and actors, sensors, command- and control functionality at different levels, communication, cloud services, and machine learning.

WARA Software (WARA–SW) has the goal to enable software research collaboration between WASP’s academic and industrial partners. The WARA is developing an Open Source platform to simplify the process of evaluating software tools with realistic benchmarks and workloads.

Contacts for WASP Research Arenas

Torbjörn Lundahl

WARA Director, Ericsson Research

Christoph Reichenbach

Project Manager WARA-SW, senior lecturer, Lund University

Jesper Tordenlid

Project Manager WARA-PS

Johan Eker

Cloud Architecture and Datacenter Resources