Research Arenas

WASP Research Arenas – a platform for researchers and industry partners to collaborate and gain mutual development. A unique opportunity to collect real world data, to test scientific models outside the lab and to network.

The research arenas demonstrate WASP research in industrially relevant environments. With an eminent offering of infrastructural support and industrial-academic collaboration they are essential to the success of several research questions within WASP. The set-up is driving the development of more relevant research questions and provides a good opportunity for networking – both of value for Swedish industry.

WARA research arenas focus on system-of-systems in joint operation to handle complex scenarios, including e.g. vehicles and actors, sensors, command- and control functionality at different levels, communication, cloud services, and machine learning.

By this day, one research arena is active and at least two more are under discussion.

Contacts for WASP Research Arenas

Torbjörn Lundahl

WARA Director, Ericsson Research

Jesper Tordenlid


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Johan Eker

Cloud Architecture and Datacenter Resources

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