There was large interest in how AI could be used for health, health care and diagnostics. With over 200 persons enrolled and nearly 60 short presentations listed, the AI4X-event on Health could show the largest number of presenters this far. Two conference days have already taken place in February, and March 13th it was time for researchers and industry representatives involved in AI for Health applications to meet up in Stockholm. Topics of the presentations spanned from machine learning for medical image processing to fully connected wheel chairs, prevention of depressions and automating dementia diagnosis with the aid of AI.

Marcus Wallenberg, vice chairman of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation, gave a brief presentation of the foundation’s investments in WASP and wanted to stress the importance of creating a fundament for AI research in Sweden.

“The foundation has always supported education, research and development in Sweden, and for Sweden to succeed we need a focus and cooperation,” said Marcus Wallenberg.

Marcus Wallenberg wants to see the program continue well over the 10 years funding is granted for and said that innovation is Sweden’s way to compete:

“At the end of the day it will be the entrepreneurial efforts that will push the boundaries,” he concluded his talk.


Marcus Wallenberg, vice chairman of Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation.

Marcus Wallenberg, vice chairman of Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation.



The purpose of the conference series AI4X is to bring people together from universities, companies and the public sector to discuss the current and planned use of artificial intelligence. WASP AI wishes to grasp a better understanding of the current status of AI use in Sweden, and all its opportunities and challenges. A report will be written by Mikael Hansson, based on the conference series to summarize which companies and organizations are using AI today and how, what they expect to use AI for in the near future, and the challenges and needs they see in the future. Read more about AI4X and the conference days here.



Published: March 15th, 2018

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