With a background within SAAB and a position at Combitech, Jesper Tordenlid brings years of experience in research demonstrators and product development to the Public Safety Arena.


”To develop a flight simulator as we did at SAAB is essentially putting together a system of components into an entity, and leading a team towards a common goal. That is applicable for all kinds of projects, where team work plays an important part, ” says Jesper Tordenlid.

Team work and creating benefit and value has been a common factor for Jesper Tordenlid’s commitments in working life. The work performed at the WASP Research Arenas does not differ dramatically from the set up in industry, here the research formulations being the driving force.

”Through contributions from the industry, WARA-PS enables researchers within WASP to test their research in reality. The research questions can come from both parties, research or industry, and the main task of WARA-PS is to bring together the relevant questions with research interests, to create value for both research and industry, ” says Jesper Tordenlid.

Jesper Tordenlid

Jesper Tordenlid

WARA-PS activities

Jesper Tordenlid describes how the components for creating search and rescue scenarios are now in place at the research arena at Västervik. A successful test of unmanned surface vehicle, sensor and unmanned aerial vehicle interaction recently took place. By providing different components that all play an important part in the system for delegating and executing a search and rescue mission, researchers can apply and implement their research in specific areas of the larger task.

”WARA-PS provides a framework, in which researchers can integrate and test their projects in real environment and existing products that over all will improve the system as a whole,” says Jesper Tordenlid.

A demonstration of the components of WARA-PS will take place in September 2018. This event will highlight the different kinds of research formulations that can be investigated at the arena, and maybe even pin point what needs to be improved. A larger demonstration is planned late 2019.

All in all fifteen PhD students are active at the research arena at the moment, and half of the students are industrial PhD students. Jesper Tordenlid sees the arena as an important place for interaction between students.

”WARA-PS will provide real data for the student, and a forum for meeting other researchers and industry representatives. Doing research at the arena requires active participation and team work with others that are in the same area of research, and the networking opportunities are substantial, ” say Jesper Tordenlid.



Testing of UAVs and USVs in Karlskrona in May.

Testing of UAVs and USVs in Karlskrona in May.

Published: June 4th, 2018

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