Photo: Public Health Agency of Sweden

WASP recommends everyone active within the WASP program to follow the guidelines and policies regarding COVID-19 set by your employer, university or company.

WASP courses held during this spring are moved online and, in one case postponed. Emails are sent out to all registered participants. Information about what courses are affected can be found in the internal calendar.

Regarding other meetings/conferences/trips arranged by WASP – if they should be cancelled or changed, WASP will send out information to all relevant people and post information on the website. If no information is provided, you may assume that the event/course/conference/trip will take place as planned.

Given the quickly evolving nature of the situation, WASP continuously follows the reviewed guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and we are prepared to respond.

Updated 2020-03-16 [15:45]


Published: March 12th, 2020

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