AS Graduate School Courses

There are three core courses:

These core courses are designed in close cooperation with leading researchers to outline the scope of the WASP program for the students. The first two core courses are designed to create a common frame of reference for the PhD students and also helps creating a sense of belonging among the students. The project course is designed to support the creation of new interdisciplinary research projects and to create a meeting point between different research areas. In this course, student groups, with members from different departments, sites, and research areas, will develop application-oriented and interdisciplinary projects. It is an explicit objective to promote projects that are connected to demonstrators in WASP.

The courses within the school are adapted to the needs of the participants. The target participants for the courses are industrial and university-based PhD students, postdoc and senior researchers, as well as engineers from industry. The wide range of participants requires a flexible course format that can be tailored to the individual needs, such as intensive courses with a few days of lectures and seminars, and blended learning combining online material with face-to-face meetings.