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The Research Arena Public Safety provides a realistic, large scale and industrially relevant demonstration environment using scenarios that focus on keeping the society and its citizens safe when accidents, catastrophes or disruptions occur. The area of Public Safety and Security research is of increasing importance both nationally and internationally. Public Safety often means dealing with extreme situations and requires new technical solutions that can showcase the advances in Autonomous Systems and Software research.


WASP PhD interaction

WASP PhD students have performed research at WARA PS and their research include areas such as:

  • Integrated task, and trajectory planning for quadcopters, coordinated motion planning
  • Operator assistance using augmented reality to improve operator situation awareness
  • Motion planning, path following, control and stability analysis
  • Optimal rendezvous control using MPC when landing a UAV on a boat
  • The Mission Critical Cloud with high demand in latency, availability, robustness and predictability
  • Positioning and navigation without GPS
  • Collision avoidance based on closed loop perception
  • Control of UAVs using sensor/planning information
  • Image processing, semantic image segmentation
  • Command and control of UAV/USV fleet in S&R missions
  • 3D tracking, on-line machine learning, multi sensor fusion, object detection
  • Resource management over large networks, self-awareness and distributed data sharing, video compression and video quality assessment
Photo: Thor Balkhed.
Photo: Thor Balkhed.



The Core Team consists of researchers and engineers from Saab Aeronautics, Saab Surveillance, Saab Kockums, Axis Communications, UMS Skeldar, Ericsson AB, Linköping University and RISE SICS East. The team integrates existing products and research platforms from the industry, a service distribution framework for autonomy from Linköping University and new software to “plug-in” research results from the WASP PhDs. The development and research integration continues now after the demonstration and up to the final demonstration a year later in September 2019.


Project courses

As a prequel to the work at the arena three project courses have been performed at the WARA PS with WASP PhD students. The goal is to familiarize the students with the software and hardware in the system and to demonstrate key components that are used in the WARA PS scenario. The three project courses are:

  • USV Situation Awareness: create a system that identifies (and classifies) objects in the path of a Piraya USV based on a video stream from an onboard Axis camera.
  • Integrating sense/avoid algorithms with path planners for UAVs: use two UAVs to detect, track and avoid mid-air collisions using on-board sensor and external navigation support.
  • Monitoring of IoT-nodes: create a situational picture based on information from a UAV to visualize movements of objects that have been outfitted with Bluetooth transmitters.


On September 19-20 2018 the first demonstration of activities at WARA PS took place at Gränsö in Västervik, Sweden. Read more about the demonstration here and see a video compilation about the different tasks that were carried out by the WARA PS core system.