Risk Assessment in Cyber-Physical Systems

Our everyday lives are dependent on large and advanced systems like electrical power systems, heating and water supply. In the middle of those systems, linking customers with supply and maintenance actors is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems – SCADA. Thursday and fourth day of WASP Summer School 2019 the AS-track listened to a lecture by professor Simin Nadjm-Tehrani about risk assessment in cyber-physical systems and especially SCADA systems that run our critical infrastructures. There are many different models and methods for risk assessment and prevention both in the physical and in the cyber world. – A key is that […]

Making Art – Like a Programmer

Could there be any way to create beautiful landscape paintings without touching a brush and getting you hands dirty? Yes, with code, some training data and GANs. This week about 100 PhD students are attending WASP Summer School 2019. The AI and AS track have their own schedules but they run in parallel. During Tuesday the AI-class got introduced to a colorful challenge – to create landscape masterpieces using neural networks. – The Bob Ross Challenge let the students combine their creative and technical skills and there’s a lot of training data available for them to use. And well, there’s […]