Sweden steps up on societal impacts of AI

The fact that artificial intelligence and autonomous systems will have huge impact on our society is known, but yet not fully understood. Through the foundation of WASP-Humanities and Society, the Wallenberg Foundations broadens their investment in AI research in Sweden. The Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation intend to invest at least SEK 300 million in the program WASP-Humanities and Society, WASP-HS, to support research in social science and humanities that can give insights in how to tackle consequences of upcoming technology shifts. The program will include, among other things: Ethics and autonomous systems and AI Economy of autonomous systems and […]

Coming Succession in the WASP Program Leadership

A plan for the coming succession within the WASP program leadership has been decided. Mille Millnert, Chair of the WASP Board, will be replaced by Sara Mazur. Lars Nielsen will gradually hand over the assignment as Program Director to Anders Ynnerman. Mille Millnert will withdraw from the assignment as Chair of the WASP Board at the end of 2019. New Chair of the WASP Board will be Sara Mazur. Lars Nielsen will gradually leave his assignment as Program Director. Anders Ynnerman is Co-Director from July 2019 and Program Director from July 2020. Both Mille Millnert and Lars Nielsen will stay […]

Call open – 25 PhD student projects in AS

WASP is now offering funding for up to 25 academic doctoral student positions within WASP-AS, the Autonomous Systems and Software part of WASP. The students should follow the WASP-AS track of the WASP graduate school. Project proposals in all areas of WASP-AS are welcome. AI and Machine Learning proposal are accepted under the condition that the AI/ML is used as an enabling technology for an Autonomous Systems or Software System. Software proposals are welcome and encouraged. The proposals are for single PhD student projects in the same way as in earlier WASP-AS calls. The researchers eligible as applicants are those […]