WASP Foresight 2018

The WASP technology Foresight 2018 is an anthology of descriptions, assessments and reflections about upcoming technology. The objective is to establish current status and future potential in one single document, to function as an instrument for WASP in their endeavor to enable sustainable Swedish excellence in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and software for the benefit of Swedish industry. The document is compiled by individual contributions from experts in all represented fields. Read the Foresight 2018 here. 

2000 Researchers petition for AI investment

A broad investment in artificial intelligence is now required in Europe, an investment that places people in the centre of the development. This demand has been made by more than 2,000 researchers, among them Fredrik Heintz, AI researcher at Linköping University and director of the graduate school of WASP . All round the world, not least in China and the US, billions are being invested in research and development in artificial intelligence, AI. The European research community is now eager to gather its forces in a network, called “CLAIRE” – the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe. “What […]

Best paper awards to WASP PhD students

  WASP PhD students have been awarded best paper-awards at IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and ICSSP (International Conference on Software and Systems Process) conferences this summer. Tommi Nylander has been awarded best paper at the 15th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing, for the work “Cloud Application Predictability through Integrated Load-Balancing and Service Time Control”. Per Skarin has received the award at the IEEE World Congress on Services, the International Conference on Edge Computing for the work “Towards Mission-Critical Control at the Edge and Over 5G” Kristoffer Bergman has been awarded Best Application Paper Award at the […]