62 WASP AI Positions


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Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest ever individual research program, a major national initiative for basic research, education and faculty recruitment. The total budget for the program is more than 3.5 billion SEK, and major goals are more than 50 new professors and more than 300 new PhDs within AI, Autonomous Systems and Software.

The ambition is to advance Sweden into an internationally recognized and leading position in these areas, and WASP is now taking a step by launching a first broad investment in Artificial Intelligence. The offering includes several different positions to build and strengthen AI in Sweden.

The positions offered in this round are:

Wallenberg Chairs in AI are professorships at the highest level. Up to five positions will open during spring 2018. Interested candidates may already now contact Bertil Andersson, Bertil@ntu.edu.sg with copies to Mille Millnert, mille.millnert@liu.se and Lars Nielsen, lars.nielsen@liu.se.

WASP Professorships are positions primarily at the Assistant Professor level. They could also be on the level of Associate Professor or Professor. Each position comes with an attractive start package. Up to seven positions within AI/machine learning will open during spring 2018. Information about the prioritized areas . Interested candidates should register their interest here no later than July 31st, 2018, 23:59 CEST. Contact persons: Danica Kragic, dani@kth.se and Lars Nielsen, lars.nielsen@liu.se.

Five WASP Professorships within basic mathematics for AI will open during 2018.

Fifteen WASP industrial PhD student positions are now open for application, see link. Deadline for application is 2018-05-11.

WASP projects for universities in AI/machine learning will be announced in April/May. For more information contact Danica Kragic, dani@kth.se.

WASP university PhD student with up to 15 graduate student positions in AI/Mathematics is open, see link.

WASP Guest Research Program offers the opportunity to invite guest researchers to Sweden. The first announcement for Guest Researcher will be in June. Contact persons: AI/ML Danica Kragic, dani@kth.se; AI/Math Johan Håstad, johanh@kth.se; General Lars Nielsen, lars.nielsen@liu.se.