Since he arrived in Berkeley two and a half months ago, WASP PhD student Ivo Batkovic has been working on two research projects.
“One is more theoretical and concerns model predictive control. The other one is practical; We have a simulator here from which we’re hoping to learn some generic models.”

He describes his colleagues at the lab as welcoming and interested in his research.
“People here talk to each more here than we do at home. It’s easy to discuss problems with colleagues. If you get stuck, there are always several people to ask,” says Ivo Batkovic.

Like Mia Kokic, Ivo Batkovic first met with his sponsor on the WASP study trip to the US.
“My professor at Chalmers knew my Berkeley sponsor from before. During the WASP study trip two years ago, I got in touch with his lab”.

Ivo Batkovic recommends other WASP PhD students to go to Berkeley or Stanford.
“Of course you should come here! It’s a no brainer. The only difficulty I see is the economic aspect since living in the Bay Area is rather expensive and this should be planned for well in advance.”

Industrial PhD student, Zenuity and Chalmers, First batch WASP AS-track. Arrived at Berkeley in September 2019.