WASP invites industries and researchers to the launch of WARA 2.0, introducing the updated concept, news from all five arenas and a glimpse of what is to come.

WASP Research Arenas (WARAs) are research collaboration platforms gathering researchers from academia and industry. Through the arenas, the participating researchers gain exclusive access to infrastructures, resources and competence in a context that facilitates networking and promotes knowledge transfer.

During 2020 the concept of WASP Research Arenas has been rewritten, resulting in several new, state of the art research arenas. The new concept and arenas will officially be launched at this webinar.


Opening – Anders Ynnerman, WASP Program Director, Linköping University

WARA 2.0 – Torbjörn Lundahl, WARA Director, Ericsson Research
Presentation of the overall objective with the WARA initiative, description of the concept and criteria for establishing WARA, and how to propose and get approval for an arena.

WARA Common – Johan Eker, Ericsson Research
WARA-common is a data center and cloud provider open for WASP researchers to build and operate their services, deploy large scale computations, or use in education. We also collect metrics and logs from the full cloud stack and the facilities, for use in research projects on data-driven operations together with Ericsson.

WARA Public Safety – Jesper Tordenlid, Saab
In WARA Public Safety we provide a large scale and industrially relevant demonstration environment where heterogeneous Systems of Systems collaborate to solve tasks within Public Safety. You have access to unique autonomous vehicles and sensors in the air, on water, on ground and underwater as well as experienced engineers and real users. The coastal environment and scenarios within search & rescue and transportation, offers challenges relevant for many domains.

WARA Robotics – Jonas Larsson, ABB Corporate Research
The WARA will include a multitude of manipulation tasks to give a rich set of research problems in an environment that enables robots to navigate and perform manufacturing-relevant manipulation tasks. Under realistic deployment conditions this require robots to autonomously understand the world around them, to build knowledge incrementally, learn new skills, perform them safely and reliably, and adapt to changes in the environment and humans’ behavior.

WARA Software – Christoph Reichenbach, Lund University
The WARA for Software connects software technology research between academia and industry.  Its activities focus on understanding and growing the utility of modern tools for building and improving software in the Swedish industry. The WARA constructs benchmarks and platforms for evaluating software tools, and supports WASP PhD students in both exploiting and advancing the state of the art in software technology.

WARA Media  – Johanna Björklund, Umeå University
The mission of WARA Media is to foster a community around Media AI, that cuts across scientific fields and industry sectors.  The research topics cover generation and classification of media, augmentation and replication of human communication and control, and finally verification and validation. We welcome new participants from the WASP community and the Swedish industries – please connect if interested.

WARA NLP – Salla Franzén, SEB
Natural Language Processing is a foundational research area and an enabler for human machine interaction, process automation and many other applications. The aim of the WARA NLP under planning is twofold. Firstly, to develop a community for academic, industrial and governmental organizations with interests in NLP applications and base research. Secondly, to generate high-quality research in NLP in areas of importance for the WARA participants and society, such as training large-scale language models for Nordic languages with federated learning and adapter models for transfer learning.


The event will be held in English.

Date: March 10, 2021

Time: 13:15–14:15 (GMT +1)


Any questions regarding this event can be sent to: info@wasp-sweden.org


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