Bo Wahlberg – Fellow in the International Federation for Automatic Control

As the only Swede – Professor Bo Wahlberg has been elevated to the rank of Fellow in the International Federation for Automatic Control (IFAC). A prestigious award only given every third year. Among the 25 new Fellows is also Professor Claire Tomlin, member of the WASP International Scientific Advisory Board. Bo Wahlberg (DCS/EECS/KTH) is a co-founder and a member of the program management of WASP. For the new Fellowship the citation reads, “For contributions to system identification and the development of orthonormal basis function models.” He will receive a certificate and pin at the 2020 IFAC World Congress in Berlin. […]

PhD students Mårten Lager and Linnea Persson.   ©  Thor Balkhed

AI guided drones conducted rescue operation

  David Isaksson A few minutes after 3 pm, on the 18th of September, an emergency centre at Gränsö, a small peninsula on the Swedish east coast, receives an alarm. There’s been a possible accident out on the water. Immediately an orange delta-winged drone is sent on a reconnaissance mission over the archipelago. The drone discovers an area of interest in the water and sends the coordinates of the location to two quadcopters stationed nearby. Together the quadcopters methodically search the zone of interest. Soon they identify people in the water and order a rescue boat, an unmanned “Piraya”, to […]

Registration Open – First Open WASP Conference

Will you be in need of leading edge computing platforms for your applications in the future? Then WASP4ALL – Future Computing Platforms for X, the first ever open WASP conference, is a meeting you cannot miss.  The conference will be held in Stockholm November 18th 2019 under the theme Future computing platforms. On the agenda are talks about aspects of the hottest and most urgent applications in need of state-of-the-art computing and scrutinization of the specific needs of areas such as AI/Machine Learning, Visual Computing, Data Analytics, and Autonomous Agents and Software. Our target audience is general researchers and developers […]

Open positions within WASP

A class of doctoral students during a course meet up at Umeå University, 2019. Photo: Mikael Hansson   During the coming year WASP will grow with over 100 persons. Several calls are already open, including but not limited to – 28 doctoral student positions within WASP AS and six positions as Assistant Professor in AI/MLX. Several calls will be opened during this autumn and winter. First in line is the next batch of AS doctoral students with a total of 28 positions. Each of the WASP universities is handling their own hiring process hence some has already past their deadlines […]

Risk Assessment in Cyber-Physical Systems

Our everyday lives are dependent on large and advanced systems like electrical power systems, heating and water supply. In the middle of those systems, linking customers with supply and maintenance actors is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems – SCADA. Thursday and fourth day of WASP Summer School 2019 the AS-track listened to a lecture by professor Simin Nadjm-Tehrani about risk assessment in cyber-physical systems and especially SCADA systems that run our critical infrastructures. There are many different models and methods for risk assessment and prevention both in the physical and in the cyber world. – A key is that […]