WASP attracts international AI expertise

Good opportunities to combine university employment with industrial collaboration attract AI expertise to Sweden – despite tough international competition. The latest recruitment is Professor Aristides Gionis, currently at Aalto University, and with a background including positions at Yahoo! and Microsoft. With very attractive recruitment packages, a unique platform for academic research in close collaboration with Swedish industry, and a firm collective push from key individuals at WASP, at the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and at participating universities and industry, WASP has now finalized several high-level recruitments in AI. “The only way to rapidly advance Sweden’s position in artificial intelligence […]

Academics and industry gave a view into the cloud

Recently more than 60 PhD students following the graduate school within the WASP program came together at Umeå University for a two-day course in cloud computing. Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest individual private research program ever, a major national initiative for strategically motivated basic research, education and faculty recruitment. The graduate school within WASP is dimensioned to produce at least 400 new PhDs, with at least 100 of those being industrial PhD students. The students from the participating universities Chalmers, KTH, Linköping University, Lund University and Umeå University meet regularly to dive into different […]

WASP Scientists Awarded Prestigious Grants

In late March it became official that two senior WASP researchers receive prestigious grants. Professor Anders Rantzer is awarded the European Research Council Advanced Grant (ERC Advanced Grant) and Professor Anders Ynnerman has been chosen as Wallenberg Scholar. Anders Rantzer, Lund University, receives support for developing scalable automatic control methods, a critical technology for future fossil free cities. Some over 2000 applications where sent in to ERC this year and 222 scientist received awards, whereof six from Sweden. The ERC Advanced Grant is the European Research Councils’ most prestigious grant. Anders Rantzer is a member of the WASP Research Strategy […]

Sweden steps up on societal impacts of AI

The fact that artificial intelligence and autonomous systems will have huge impact on our society is known, but yet not fully understood. Through the foundation of WASP-Humanities and Society, the Wallenberg Foundations broadens their investment in AI research in Sweden. The Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation intend to invest at least SEK 300 million in the program WASP-Humanities and Society, WASP-HS, to support research in social science and humanities that can give insights in how to tackle consequences of upcoming technology shifts. The program will include, among other things: Ethics and autonomous systems and AI Economy of autonomous systems and […]

Coming Succession in the WASP Program Leadership

A plan for the coming succession within the WASP program leadership has been decided. Mille Millnert, Chair of the WASP Board, will be replaced by Sara Mazur. Lars Nielsen will gradually hand over the assignment as Program Director to Anders Ynnerman. Mille Millnert will withdraw from the assignment as Chair of the WASP Board at the end of 2019. New Chair of the WASP Board will be Sara Mazur. Lars Nielsen will gradually leave his assignment as Program Director. Anders Ynnerman is Co-Director from July 2019 and Program Director from July 2020. Both Mille Millnert and Lars Nielsen will stay […]