WASP announce for 26 PhD students

The WASP National Graduate School is dedicated to provide the skills needed to analyze, develop, and contribute to the interdisciplinary area of autonomous systems and software. The curriculum provides the foundations, perspectives, and expert knowledge in the different disciplines. It will offer a wide range of courses of different types taught by leading researchers in the field to meet the ambitious goals of the program. In doing so it will benefit from existing graduate education programs at the participating universities. In addition to these existing courses a number of new initiatives will be taken both regarding new courses and new […]

Six challenging projects as WASP take off

Systems that – like people – can see, listen, smell and collect information from many different sources, and then act based on this. Automatic transport systems and decision-making support in the form of cognitive companions. These are two of the six projects that have been finalised in the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program, WASP. ”The overarching aim is to create a platform for fundamental research and research training that can collaborate with leading Swedish companies in important fields such as autonomy and advanced software. And to achieve this aim, some of Sweden’s foremost researchers have come together around six important challenges,” […]