WASP-NTU joint workshop in Stockholm

A workshop between WASP and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore will take place in Stockholm in October. In March 2017 a delegation of 10 senior WASP researchers, WASP chair Mille Millnert, program director Lars Nielsen and representatives from SAAB and Autoliv visited NTU in Singapore. Hosted by Professor Bertil Andersson, president of NTU, and Professor Lam Khin Yong, vice president of research, all the participating sites in WASP were represented. As part of the internationalization program of WASP the visit aimed to establish exchanges on both the scientific and managerial level between WASP and NTU. The visit was formed […]

WASP announces PhD positions

Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest individual research program ever, and provides a platform for academic research and education, fostering interaction with Sweden’s leading technology companies. The program addresses research on autonomous systems acting in collaboration with humans, adapting to their environment through sensors, information and knowledge, and forming intelligent systems-of-systems. The graduate school within WASP is dedicated to provide the skills needed to analyze, develop, and contribute to the interdisciplinary area of autonomous systems and software. Through an ambitious program with research visits, partner universities, and visiting lecturers, the graduate school actively supports forming a […]

Second Call for Affiliated WASP PhD Students

The Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program hereby announces the second call for affiliated WASP PhD students. The purpose of the program is to provide the opportunity for PhD students not funded by WASP to be part of the WASP Graduate School. Deadline for application is November 1st 2017. Read more about selection criteria, commitment and application here. Further information about WASP Graduate School can be found here.

WASP ISAB meeting 6-7 September 2017

  The WASP meeting with the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) took place on Lidingö, Stockholm first week of September. Assembled by the Wallenberg foundation, the scientific advisory board provides independent advice and contributes to overall steering of the program. This was the second meeting where the ISAB and the WASP directory board were gathered for two days of presentations of WASP activities and discussions. The meeting started with a warm welcome by Mille Millnert, chair of the program board, and a brief overview of the main activities of WASP by program manager Lars Nielsen. Nielsen highlighted activities since the […]

Gunnar E. Carlsson new member of International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

Gunnar E. Carlsson, Swedish-born American mathematician, is a new member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of WASP. He is professor at the Department of Mathematics of Stanford University, where he held the Anne and Bill Swindells Professorship. He is a Harvard graduate and received his PhD from Stanford University. His field of research is algebraic topology, and he is known for his work on Segal’s Burnside Ring conjecture, and applied algebraic topology, especially topological data analysis. Carlsson is co-funder of the machine intelligence software company Ayasdi, and his work on  computational topology applied to the analysis of high dimensional and […]