WASP Winterconference 2018

  The annual Winter conference, gathering all graduate students within WASP, took place in Lund 9-10 January as an extension of the kick off for the new batch of PhD students. Program manager Lars Nielsen gave a brief presentation of the updates within WASP that have taken place since the last gathering of the PhD students. The main news was the expansion of WASP with an additional 1 billion Swedish kronor granted by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in November 2017, aimed for expanding the efforts within Artificial Intelligence. It has led to cluster reformation within WASP and will give […]

WASP Kick Off for New PhD students

  It all started with the DARPA challenge… The kick off to welcome the second intake of PhD students to WASP took place in Lund 8-9 of January 2018. The one-day kick off program consisted of introduction to the program and the building blocks of WASP: the universities and research clusters, the industry connections, the graduate school program, and the WASP research arenas.   Fredrik Heintz gave the newly accepted WASP PhD students a comprehensive overview of the autonomous systems area. The quick development of autonomous systems and autonomy was illustrated by the progress made in the DARPA challenge: a […]

Gunnar Bark to head WASP Research Arenas

Gunnar Bark, long-time manager for Ericsson’s research activities in Linköping, is to take over as director of WARA, the Wallenberg Research Arenas, an important part of the WASP research initiative. The role brings challenges, which he is looking forward to getting to grips with. “I have followed the development of mobile broadband for 20 years at Ericsson, and it’s been an amazing journey. Now I’m looking forward to an equally amazing time following the development of new technology at other companies and in other contexts,” he says. The arenas are intended to be testing grounds in which new technology, new […]

WASP announces PhD and Postdoc positions

– Hiring in process – Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest individual research program ever, and provides a platform for academic research and education, fostering interaction with Sweden’s leading technology companies. The program addresses research on autonomous systems acting in collaboration with humans, adapting to their environment through sensors, information and knowledge, and forming intelligent systems-of-systems. The graduate school within WASP is dedicated to provide the skills needed to analyze, develop, and contribute to the interdisciplinary area of autonomous systems and software. Through an ambitious program with research visits, partner universities, and visiting lecturers, the graduate […]

Additional billion Swedish kronor from KAW to extend WASP into artificial intelligence

  The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has granted an additional billion Swedish kronor to extend the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), with a broad investment into artificial intelligence. Autonomous and self-driving cars, the AlphaGo program from Google, which can beat the world champion in Go, Google Translate, and expert systems in medicine are just some examples of breakthroughs based on artificial intelligence. Major advances have been achieved in recent years within fields such as machine learning and deep learning (machine learning with the aid of neural networks). The technology in itself is not new: what is new […]