We are offering one fully funded 5-year PhD position in software performance analysis to a qualified student with interest in software technology, at Lund University’s Department of Computer Science [1], with funding provided by the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Programme (WASP).

We are looking for a student with both enthusiasm for real-life software development and good theoretical foundations who wants to help lead the way towards the next generation of software tools and (domain-specific) programming languages. The workload of the position consists of 80% research and advanced studies, and 20% teaching.

What we expect:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Substantial experience in C++ or systems programming
  • Experience with functional or logic-based programming
  • Some background in one or more of the following: compilers, static program analysis (type-based or flow-based),dynamic program, analysis, domain-specific languages, software performance analysis
  • Strong interest in working on the above-mentioned topics for five years
  • The ability to work both independently and in small teams

What we offer:

  •  A custom-tailored curriculum to prepare you for a career as a scientist
  • A creative, diverse, and collaborative working environment in one of the world’s most innovative and most livable areas [2, 4]
  • Integration into the WASP Graduate School [3], which offers regular opportunities (courses, workshops, international study trips) for learning more       about autonomous systems and linking up with interdisciplinary teams
  • Opportunities for participating in international research conferences and for connecting with scientists and practitioners around the world
  • Additional funding for equipment and travel

For any questions, contact christoph.reichenbach@cs.lth.se



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