The primary focus for this position is research on advanced machine learning techniques, with focus on computational and method-oriented research and/or theory development. Your expertise should primarily be within the core areas of machine learning as e.g.:

  • Data representation learning
  • Explainability and interpretability of AI/ML systems
  • Incremental learning and multi-task/transfer learning
  • Interaction between AI, machines, humans and society
  • Learning methods for estimating robustness, stability and reliability of AI/ML systems
  • Learning with non-convexity (e.g., GANs, sequential learning, reinforcement learning)
  • Statistical learning

Machine learning is a broad subject with connections to several departments at Umeå University. Four departments (Applied Physics and Electronics, Computing Science, Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, and Physics) are participating in the call. The final departmental affiliation will be decided in connection to the employment.

The successful candidate will have an important role in developing the area of machine learning at the faculty. The candidate is also expected to develop collaboration across institutional boundaries inside and outside the university and within WASP, as well as to establish strong collaborations and obtain external funding from national and international funding agencies.

The purpose of the position is to make it possible to develop and establish long-term research activities. An assistant professor will be given the opportunity to develop his / her independence as a researcher, and is also expected to be engaged in research environments as well as in seminar activities, supervision of doctoral students and / or participate in postgraduate education courses.

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