Linköping University is recruiting at least one tenure-track Assistant Professor in Machine Learning with focus on integration of data and simulators.

A successful candidate will be formally based at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, affiliated with the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL, Michael Felsberg), the Media and Information Technology Division (MIT, Jonas Unger), or the Division of Statistics and Machine Learning (STIMA, Fredrik Lindsten). The goal of the recruitment is to complement the existing excellence in these areas, with particular emphasis on methods, algorithms, and mathematical analysis relevant to the alignment and integration of physical and virtual worlds in the context of machine learning. The focus is on research and development of methods and mathematical tools with the aim of better understanding the theories and processes within statistical and deep learning-based systems.

The candidate’s research should match one of the focus areas 1) augmented reality, 2) data augmentation, and 3) hybrid modeling. Examples of suitable research topics include, but are not limited to, model integration and simulator forcing, multi­dimensional alignment, and uncertainty representation, estimation, and propagation. As an assistant professor, you are also expected to explore application areas of this research, e.g., within planning and simulation of smart homes, self-driving cars, or traffic flow planning.

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