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Machine learning and artificial intelligence have attracted a lot of attention over the past few decades. Machine learning algorithms have been considered in many application domains, including Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous systems, medical and healthcare applications. The adoption of machine learning in these domains creates many new opportunities, but also involves several major challenges, e.g., complexity of machine learning algorithms, security and privacy concerns related to personal data and machine learning, as well as reliability and trust in the decisions made by machine learning algorithms.

The aim of this postdoc project is to tackle one of the main challenges in the machine learning domain. The project will be adapted to the background and expertise of the postdoc, who will work in a cross-disciplinary research environment. An important part of the postdoc’s work will be to develop the theoretical foundation of machine learning and new algorithms to address the challenges within the subject area of this position. Therefore, the postdoc is expected to have a very good theoretical background in machine learning.

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