PhD Student Position in Machine Learning: Transferable Concepts at Chalmers.

Information about the project
The data science and AI division at CSE is recruiting a PhD student in mathematics for machine learning for a project on the foundations of learning transferable concepts.

Transfer learning studies the automatic acquisition and application of transferable knowledge. In recent years, a large body of research has studied transfer learning in the context of prediction, using algorithms built on surprisingly shaky mathematical foundations. While there are known conditions that guarantee successful transfer, these are often violated in fundamental ways in practice. This project aims to address this gap by providing rigorous, plausible and sufficient conditions for TL and developing practical learning algorithms that make use of them as assumptions.

This call is part of a joint call for doctoral students in Math/AI. It is done in several steps, where finding doctoral students is the second step. The first step, the project call, can be found here:

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