The position is with the Mechatronics research group in the division of Systems and Control, Chalmers University of Technology. The candidate will work under the supervision of senior researchers with background in robotics namely robot control, perception, manipulation and grasping, automatic control and optimization. There will also be opportunities for collaboration with other researches under the umbrella of WASP and WARA.

Information about the project

You will work in an exciting new project lying in the intersection of the areas of robotics, machine learning and automatic control, and specialize in haptic perception, state estimation and object tracking. To accomplish the objective, you will develop models learned from haptic sensor data that map the sensed forces to the expected changes of the location of the object with respect to the hand and the stiffness of the grasp. Haptic object state estimation is important for developing reactive planning and control strategies for in-hand object manipulation. The research conducted by the student aims at: a) proposing a learning-based haptic perception framework that also address uncertainty from external contacts, b) combining data-driven and physics-based models to address data-efficiency under uncertainty.

More Information and Application

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