Örebro University is currently offering research study opportunities on the doctoral programme in Computer Science: Machine Learning and Machine Reasoning, with Wallenberg Guest Professor in AI – Luc de Raedt.

The project will investigate how to develop systems that learn and reason in an artificial intelligence and autonomous systems context. While there has been a lot of progress on both machine learning and machine reasoning, their integration remains a key open challenge in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. The distinction between learning and reasoning is related to the differences between fast and slow thinking, between data-driven and knowledge-based approaches, and between symbolic versus subsymbolic representations. The project will build upon probabilistic (logic) programming and neuro-symbolic computation, which are different paradigms for integrating learning and reasoning. The former integrates logical and probabilistic graphical models, the later logical and neural approaches. The goal of the project is to develop probabilistic programming and neuro-symbolic approaches and systems, and apply them to autonomous sensor systems. Research in this project will be performed in close collaboration with a second PhD student and post-doc(s) at Örebro University.

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