Umeå University announces two postdoctoral fellowships for postdoctoral qualification in AI for Data Management.

Project description

The research will be carried out within the research group in “Artificial Intelligence for Data Management”, led by Prof. Diego Calvanese, well-known as one of the leading groups worldwide for its foundational and applied research at the interplay between semantic technologies, knowledge representation and reasoning, and databases.

The research project investigates foundational aspects and develops advanced software tools for the flexible and efficient management of large amounts of richly structured data, by relying on the paradigm of Virtual Knowledge Graphs (VKGs, also known as Ontology-based Data Access). The project will build on the open source system Ontop ( and will be carried out in close collaboration with the research team of Prof. Calvanese at the Free Univ. of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. It aims at extending the foundations, implementation, and application areas of VKGs along several directions: (i) dealing with additional forms of data/knowledge (e.g., temporal, geospatial, aggregated, numeric); (ii) managing heterogeneous data sources of different types (e.g., graph-data, json, xml, csv, streaming, textual), (iii) tackling novel kinds of problems (e.g., explanation, privacy, machine learning on VKGs, optimization and performance tuning, updates, and evolution of data/knowledge), and (iv) applying VKGs to novel domains (e.g., industry 4.0, smart cities, e-health). The activities in the project ranges from foundations to the actual design, implementation, and optimization of advanced algorithms. Depending on qualifications and interests, selected candidates may carry out more foundational or more application-oriented research, or a combination of both.

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