WASP and DDLS join forces for research within a data-driven future

Welcome to the official launch of the WASP-DDLS collaboration!

The two largest research programs in Sweden, the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) and the SciLifeLab and Wallenberg National Program for Data-Driven Life Science (DDLS), will team up in a new collaborative effort, with the ultimate goal of solving groundbreaking research questions and to create synergies across disciplines.

This Zoom-meeting will combine inspirational talks and discuss possible ways to initiate formations of strong collaborations that can bridge the gap between the scientific disciplines. We welcome WASP researchers and life scientists to take part in the webinar and to actively engage in new alliances.

The first part of the meeting was recorded, see below.



Download the program as a pdf-file

Session 1

Hosts: Danica Kragic and Erik Lindahl


Welcome words

Siv Andersson, KAW, Sara Mazur, KAW and Chair of WASP board, Carl-Henrik Heldin, Chair of SciLifeLab board


Introducing WASP and bringing awareness of WASP to the DDLS community

Anders Ynnerman , Director of WASP


Introducing DDLS and bringing awareness of DDLS to the WASP community

Olli Kallioniemi, Director of SciLifeLab and DDLS


Joined forces for an increasingly data-driven future

Information about our new collaboration and purpose of bridging WASP and DDLS research programs. Information about joint call.
Danica Kragic, Professor, Computer Science, KTH, Erik Lindahl, Professor, Biophysics, Stockholms University


Q&A session about the joint call

Moderators: Danica Kragic, and Erik Lindahl
Panel: Anders Ynnerman, Olli Kallioniemi and the joint WASP-DDLS working groupThe Q&A session will not be recorded


Short break

Session 2

Host: Carolina Wählby


Inspirational Talks

Moderator Carolina Wählby, Professor of Quantitative Microscopy, Uppsala university

Deep learning in drug discovery, a WASP/AstraZeneca/KTH collaboration

Kevin Smith, Associate Professor, Division of Computational Science and Technology, KTH

Finding connections: how deep learning can help with COVID-19 and other major health challenges

Sonja Aits, Associate Senior Lecturer, Lund University

The automation of Biology

Ross King, Wallenberg Chair in AI, Professor of Machine Intelligence, Chalmers University of Technology



Anders Ynnerman, Olli Kallioniemi


Informal breakout room discussions


End of day

Matchmaking: submit an abstract! 

Prepare for the joint call! To find potential collaborators, common topics, exchange ideas and opportunities, and raise awareness of competencies on each side, we invite you to submit an abstract. The Abstracts will be published in a PDF, updated every Monday (except during July), until the Call closes.

Visit the call page to see the compiled abstracts

WASP-DDLS Joint Call

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