Welcome to Doctoral Defense of Piergiuseppe Mallozzi, PhD Software Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

Date and Time. June 9th, 13:30

Location: Room 473, Jupiter Building

Titel: Designing Trustworthy Autonomous Systems

Doctoral student: Piergiuseppe Mallozzi, PhD Software Engineering, Chalmers Universtity of Technology

Opponent:  Cristina Seceleanu, Mälardalen University, Sweden

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The design of autonomous systems is challenging and ensuring their trustworthiness can have different meanings, such as i) ensuring consistency and completeness of the requirements by a correct elicitation and formalization process; ii) ensuring that requirements are correctly mapped to system implementations so that any system behaviors never violate its requirements; iii) maximizing the reuse of available components and subsystems in order to cope with the design complexity; and iv) ensuring correct coordination of the system with its environment.

Several techniques have been proposed over the years to cope with specific problems. However, a holistic design framework that, leveraging on existing tools and methodologies, practically helps the analysis and design of autonomous systems is still missing.

This thesis explores the problem of building trustworthy autonomous systems from different angles. We have analyzed how current approaches of formal verification can provide assurances: 1) to the requirement corpora itself by formalizing requirements with assume/guarantee contracts to detect incompleteness and conflicts; 2) to the reward function used to then train the system so that the requirements do not get misinterpreted; 3) to the execution of the system by run-time monitoring and enforcing certain invariants; 4) to the coordination of the system with other external entities in a system of system scenario and 5) to system behaviors by automatically synthesize a policy which is correct.

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