WASP together with The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation invite applicants for postdoctoral stipends. The two-year WASP scholarship is granted for postdoctoral studies in a leading university anywhere in the world.

In addition to being entitled to apply for The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s regular postdoc scholarships (Please note that this program is postponed until 2021) there is an exclusive scholarship open for WASP doctoral students after dissertation.

The WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship admits a position anywhere in the world at a leading university.

The WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship follows the same criteria and conditions as other postdoc programs awarded by The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Before applying, the applicant must first receive a letter of invitation by a world leading hosting researcher in a field related to WASP.

When returning from the postdoc studies there is an opportunity to apply for funding from WASP to support a research position at one of the Swedish universities engaged in WASP for up to two years, if the applicant cannot find another position.

The Stipend is for a period of up to two years of postdoctoral studies. The Stipend amounts will be set in accordance with the standard rate of each institution. A travel grant of USD 5,000 per year and an annual allowance for accompanying family members of USD 15,000 is also provided. The Fellows will also receive the Health Plan/Insurance for post-docs.

  • At the time the postdoc period starts, the applicants should have a doctor’s degree from a Swedish University no older than 2 years after the dissertation date as well as a connection to a Swedish University or corresponding non-profit research organization. Scientific merit, adjusted to the applicant’s age, will be an important factor at the assessment.
  • The applicant cannot be employed/Scholar at the intended host/University prior to the Wallenberg post-doc.
  • The Stipend cannot be combined with other stipends or positions.
  • Family allowance must be applied for separately in a direct request to the Foundation and can be submitted with the e-application (Other appendices).


The WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship allows for postdoc studies at a well renowned university abroad.

Please use the appointed WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship application form. Note concerning the application process – the applicant will be contacted by WASP regarding the budget after the call is closed.

The complete application shall be submitted via the Foundation’s electronic application system according to link below no later than 15th of November.

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