WASP, together with the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, invite applications for postdoctoral stipends. The two-year WASP scholarship is awarded for postdoctoral studies at leading universities worldwide.

In addition to being eligible to apply for the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s regular postdoc scholarships, an exclusive scholarship is available for WASP doctoral students upon completion of their dissertation.

The WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship offers positions at top universities globally. This scholarship adheres the same criteria and conditions as other postdoc programs awarded by The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Before applying, the candidates must first obtain a letter of invitation from a world-leading hosting researcher in a WASP related field. The hosting department shall also confirm that the position will be funded through a stipend.

Upon concluding the postdoc studies, scholars have the opportunity to apply for funding from WASP to support a research position at a Swedish university affiliated with WASP for up to two years, should they not secure another position.

The stipend covers up to two years of postdoctoral studies. The stipend amounts will align with the standard rates of the respective institutions. Additionally, a travel grant of USD 5,000 per year and an annual allowance of USD 15,000 for accompanying family members are provided. The Fellows will also be covered by a Health Plan/Insurance for post-docs.

  • At the time the postdoc period starts, the applicants should have a doctoral degree from a Swedish university, obtained no more than two years from the date of application, and an affiliation with a Swedish university or a comparable non-profit research organization. Scientific merit, adjusted for age, will play a crucial role in the selection process.
  • Applicants cannot be employed/scholar at the intended host university prior to the Wallenberg post-doc.
  • The stipend cannot be combined with other stipends or positions.
  • The family allowance must be applied for separately through a direct request to the Foundation and can be included with the e-application (along other appendices).

Targeted positions at MIT

The postdoctoral scholarship program with MIT is given further attention through a partnership with WASP and the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing. Targeted positions are available in core AI and machine learning, statistics and data science, as well as within the AI and Society area which focuses on the broader societal, economic and ethical implications of computing and AI.

Potential candidates will be matched  with selected research environments at the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing including the Center for Deployable Machine Learning in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), the Statistics and Data Science Center (SDSC) and the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS).

For these MIT positions, it is not mandatory to have graduated from WASP, but a letter of support from a WASP Faculty member is needed to establish a connection to Sweden/WASP. All other criteria and conditions set by KAW apply, including obtaining a letter of invitation from a faculty at MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.

For interest in these positions, please contact Professor Bo Wahlberg: bo@kth.se


The WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship promotes postdoc studies at well-renowned universities abroad.

If the applicant seeks for a WASP postdoctoral position at Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Broad Institute, or Nanyang Technical University (NTU), please apply through the specified links below.

For applications to all other universities, please use the WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship application form.

Complete application shall be submitted via the Foundation’s electronic application system according to link below no later than 15th of November.

Application Form

WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarship

The Wallenberg Foundation scholarship program for postdoctoral studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Broad Institute

The Wallenberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore

The Wallenberg Foundation Postdoctoral Scholarship Program at Stanford University

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