Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest individual research program ever. WASP provides a platform for academic research and education, fostering interaction with Sweden’s leading technology companies. Part of the initiative in AI within WASP deals with increasing our understanding of fundamental mathematical principles behind AI.

We announce six assistant professorships within mathematics for AI. Each position comes with an attractive start package.

For further descriptions of positions and to apply, follow the links to the coordinating universities. The positions included in this call are at Chalmers/University of Gothenburg, KTH, Lund university, Umeå university and Uppsala university. Please note different final dates for applications.

We look forward to your application!

Umeå university

Associate Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Statistics
The position aims to develop new mathematical, statistical and computational methodology for intelligent compressive sensing and statistical learning with sparsity, establish the theoretical framework, and explore their applications in AI. The appointment comes with substantial resources and offers a unique career opportunity to establish a long-term research agenda that addresses grand challenges within mathematics for AI. Last application date: 2018-11-16.


Uppsala university

Associate Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and Statistics with specialization in AI
A key challenge in machine learning is to find limits to what can be ’learnt’ about a data set: what can be realistically inferred about noisy data. The aim with this position is to provide a deeper understanding of how theoretical graph theory and applied networks contribute to artificial intelligence in general. This can be accomplished by developing fundamental structures for learning and identification that will be used in future generations of AI. Last application date: 2018-11-14.



Assistant Professor in Mathematics within AI: Specification in Geometry och Mathematical Statistics
The subject is to be interpreted broadly, examples of areas include algebraic topology, topological data analysis, algebraic and tropical geometry, representation theory, mathematical statistics and stochastic geometry. KTH hosts a unique interchange of world-class research groups and researchers in pure and applied mathematics, providing a highly supportive and stimulating environment for the upcoming WASP assistant professor. Last application date: 2018-11-15.

Assistant Professor in Mathematics within AI: Specification in Combinatorics and Probability
The subject encompasses basic probability theory and combinatorics including combinatorial optimization.  Examples are causal inferences, combinatorial studies of targeted graph models, probabilistic studies of latent variable systems and other multi-scale models; as well as optimization learning related to such models. KTH hosts a unique interchange of world-class research groups and researchers in pure and applied mathematics, providing a highly supportive and stimulating environment for the upcoming WASP assistant professor. Last application date: 2018-11-15.


Chalmers/University of Gothenburg

Associate senior lecturer in mathematics
The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Gothenburg (shared with Chalmers) seeks qualified applicants for an Assistant Professor position specializing in Artificial Intelligence and the recent developments connecting machine learning and optimal transport theory. The successful candidate will be given the opportunity of formulating their own research program, and building a research group in a research environment including world leading experts in theoretical as well as computational aspects of optimal transport theory, probability theory and statistics relevant for machine learning. Last application date: 2018-10-19.



Lund university

Associate senior lecturer in numerical analysis
Centre for Mathematical Sciences invites applications for one associate senior lecturer position in numerical analysis, with a research focus on numerical optimization for large-scale machine learning. The successful candidate’s research team is expected to contribute with new mathematical analyses for the next generation optimization schemes, as well as, methods and software for the Centre’s interdisciplinary AI-projects. Last application date: 2018-10-21.

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