In November 2017 the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation granted an additional billion Swedish kronor to extend WASP with a broad investment into artificial intelligence.

The initiative in artificial intelligence will follow two pathways. The larger of these involves an investment into machine learning, deep learning and the next generation of AI. The latter involves asking the system how it reached a particular answer, whereby the system can justify its answers and use them in a general situation. The second pathway deals with increasing our understanding of fundamental mathematical principles behind AI.

The two pathways have resources to recruit 14 senior researchers each, and in total 120 research students, where the research students will become members of graduate schools and take specialist courses in relevant fields. In addition to this there will be 30 industrial PhD students, with the total aim of 150 PhD students in WASP-AI. The two new graduate schools will coordinate with the existing WASP graduate school, where over 100 research students are currently studying.