Software Research in WASP

The software research supported by WASP is performed as PhD student projects in the clusters ”Software Engineering for Smart Systems” and ”Software Technology for Autonomous Systems” and/or by the new WASP recruitments in Software Technology. The research covers both software methodology (in Sweden commonly referred to as Software Engineering) and software technology. The research falls primarily within two different areas:

  1. Software methodology and technology for the modeling, analysis, development, training, verification, and deployment of autonomous or AI and ML-based systems.
  2. Software methodology or technology that contains or utilizes autonomy, automation, AI, learning, or feedback. This includes, for example, experiment-driven development practices, self-reflection, self-adaptive software systems, self-repairing software, and automatic programming.

In addition to this, software is an important tool and/or software is generated in several, if not all, of the WASP projects, in particular in the clusters “Autonomous Clouds and Networks” and “AI and Machine Learning”. Software technology research is also prominent in the “Security for Autonomous Systems” cluster.