Industrial doctoral studies

An important goal for the graduate school is to attract industrial PhD students and provide relevant material in a suitable form for engineers working in industry. A WASP industrial PhD student is defined as a PhD student who is employed by a company and pursues studies corresponding to at least half time. A WASP industrial PhD student receives half of salary from the company and half of the salary from the WASP program.

A set of courses are identified that are especially interesting for industry, and these courses will be made available in a flexible course format such as intensive courses with a few days of intensive lectures and seminars, and blended learning combing online material with face-to-face meetings.

The meetings focus on discussions, problem solving and other student centered activities rather than lecturing, and participants take part of self-study material such as recorded lectures and reading material on their own. This will increase participation and open up the courses given at universities to industry in a format that allows engineers and others to take part in the courses when they can.