Affiliated PhD Student Program

The purpose of the WASP Affiliated PhD Student Program is to provide the opportunity for PhD students not funded by WASP to be part of the WASP Graduate School.

The first batch of Affiliated PhD Students were accepted on June 17th. A second call for Affiliated PhD Students is expected to be announced in conjunction with the second batch of WASP PhD students starting no later than January 1st 2018.

Selection criteria

For a PhD student to be accepted to the affiliation program he or she has to satisfy the following conditions:

  • The student is currently an academic or industrial PhD student with an activity level of at least 80%.
  • The main research topic has to be in the WASP area, and it should fit in well with current WASP projects either by twinning (i.e. industry and academic twinning) or complementing.
  • The student has completed at most 2 years of PhD studies.
  • The student has a strong academic track record.
  • Relevant industrial experience is favorable.

Commitment from PhD student

  • The student is committed to take part in the WASP courses and activities.
  • The student is committed to demonstrate his or her research in the WASP demonstrators or arenas.

Commitment from the university or company of the PhD student

The university or company has full responsibility for the financing of the student including salary, indirect costs, office, laboratory, IT-costs, regular travel costs, and travel costs to WASP courses, WASP schools, WASP conferences, WASP International trip and semester abroad.

Commitment from WASP Graduate School

If admitted, the affiliated PhD student will gain access to the WASP graduate school on the same terms as WASP PhD students. If the affiliated PhD student satisfies the requirements he or she will get a WASP PhD Certificate/Diploma. WASP will offer possibilities for participating in courses, arenas, and demonstrations.