WASP Project Course, Fall 2017, 6hp

Course goals

The goals of the project course are for the students to

  • develop a working prototype solving a relevant problem in the area of autonomous systems and software,
  • experience working in a project related to autonomous systems and software which requires several different competences,
  • start working in the WASP research arenas, or as an exception, similar industrial demonstration setting,
  • learn about issues related to autonomous systems and software that are important to Swedish industry.


The course is organized around independent projects with 3-6 students under the supervision of an academic and an industrial supervisor. The projects should preferably be connected to the research arenas and combine research with industrial relevance. The project supervisors are responsible for driving the project, including planning and setting the scope. The academic supervisor is responsible for the academic and scientific quality of the project and for monitoring that each student contributes enough to the goals to pass the course. The industrial supervisor is responsible for the industrial quality and relevance of the project. The detailed definition and planning of the projects should be coordinated with the WARA organizers.


To pass the course the students in each project group each have to contribute to the completion of the following:

  • Plan, carry out and follow up the project in an active manner contributing to its completion.
  • Record two videos demonstrating and explaining the work. One short video (3-5 min) with a demonstration of the capabilities of the system and one longer video (5-15 min) that explains how the system works.
  • A short technical report, preferably in the form of a paper, describing the system, the science behind it, an evaluation of the system and a discussion around the results.
  • Make a presentation, preferably including a demonstration, at the Winter Conference 2018.

The academic supervisors of each project evaluates the project and is responsible for the academic and scientific quality of the work. The GSM assists if necessary.

The deadlines for the course Fall 2017 are:

  • 30/9 Planning report describing what should be done, when and by whom. There should be a short description of the industrial and the scientific relevance of the project and how it relates to the research arenas.
  • 31/10 Status report describing the progress made, how the project is relative to the plan and any changes made to the plan.
  • 30/11 Status report describing the progress made, how the project is relative to the plan and any changes made to the plan.
  • 18/12 The project should be finished and the videos and report should be finished.

The reports should be sent to the GSM (gsm@wasp-sweden.se) and Fredrik Dahlgren (fredrik.dahlgren@ericsson.com).

Projects fall 2017

  • Coordination of vehicles over C-V2X (WARA-CAT), supervisors Björn Löfdahl (Ericsson), Henrik Sahlin (Ericsson), and Paolo Falcone (Chalmers)
  • Discrete Control of Research Concept Vehicle (WARA-CAT), supervisors Mattias Brännström (Zenuity) and Lei Feng (KTH)
  • Edge Cloud and IoT Platform (WARA-CAT), supervisors Johan Eker (Ericsson), Björn Löfdahl (Ericsson), Karl-Erik Årzén (LU), and Erik Elmroth (UmU)
  • Kolmården sensor fusion-project (WARA-PS), supervisors Fredrik Gunnarsson (Ericsson) and Gustaf Hendeby (LiU)
  • Monitoring road quality in an underground mine, Peter Burman (Boliden) and Erik Frisk (LiU)
  • Offline SLAM for automotive (WARA-CAT), supervisors Mats Kvarnström (Zenuity) and Kalle Åström (LU)
  • Reinforcement learning for autonomous vehicles (WARA-CAT), supervisors Nasser Mohammadiha (Zenuity) and Christos Dimitrakakis (Chalmers)
  • Teaching by Demonstration of Robotic Manipulation Skills, supervisors Jonas Larsson (ABB) and Danica Kragic (KTH)
  • UAV Sense / Avoid and Path Planning (WARA-PS), supervisors Johan Pellebergs (Saab) and Jonas Kvarnström (LiU)
  • USV Situation Awareness (WARA-PS), supervisors Mikael Lindberg (Axis) and Kalle Åström (LU)