AI4X Services & Finance, Mar 27

AI4X Services & Finance March 27, 2018

AI4X is a series of one day conferences on the theme of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its development and application in different sectors in Sweden. The conferences are organized by WASP AI funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Place: City Conference Center Folkets Hus, Barnhusgatan 12-14, Stockholm.
Registration: free of charge, including lunch and coffee (sek 500 for no-show)

Preliminary Program

8.30 –   9.00                     Registration
9.00 –   9.30                     Introduction Danica Kragic, Fredrik Heintz and Daniel Gillblad
9.30 –  10.30                    Lightning talks 1

  1. Björn Löfdahl, Aktie-Ansvar AB
  2. Stina Söderqvist, Dreams
  3. David Nilsson, International AB
  4. John Ardelius, Hedvig
  5. Joachim Ronneback,   Presentation
  6. Christoffer Göransson, Inovia AB  Presentation
  7. Amir Hossein Rahnama, Iteam Solutions AB  Presentation
  8. Kent Andersson, Kent Ola Andersson, Uppsala   Presentation
  9. Henric Ståhl, Klarna   Presentation
  10. Jim Dowling, Logical Clocks AB   Presentation

10.30 – 11.30                   Poster session 1
11.30 – 12.30                   Lightning talks 2

  1. Michela Magas, Industry Commons   Presentation
  2. Per Brahm, Learnify AB   Presentation
  3. Tobias Rydén, Lynx Asset Management   Presentation
  4. Ann Grevelius, Opti   Presentation
  5. Henrik Karlsson, Project Cosimo   Presentation
  6. Ather Gattami, Bitynamics AB and RISE SICS   Presentation
  7. Salla Franzén, SEB   Presentation
  8. Leon Mutambala, Sitlab   Presentation
  9. Jan Lundqvist, SoftRobot AB
  10. Josef Höök, Swedbank
  11. Christian Guttmann, Tieto   Presentation

12.30 – 14.00                   Poster session 2 (lunch served 12.30-13.30)
14.00 – 15.00                   Lightning talks 3

  1. Cyrille Artho, KTH   Presentation
  2. Joao Carvalho, KTH   Presentation
  3. Mårten Björkman, KTH   Presentation
  4. Henrik Hult, KTH   Presentation
  5. Tobias Oechtering, KTH
  6. Stefan Holmlid, Linköping University   Presentation
  7. Niels Christian Overgaard, Lund University   Presentation
  8. Peter Funk, Mälardalens Högskola   Presentation
  9. Michael Minock, Umeå University   Presentation

15.00 – 16.00                   Poster session 3


Participants may briefly present their organization’s current and future development and application of AI and their needs related to AI research and education. We reserve the right to limit the number of presentations to at most one per organization.

Participants that expressed the interest to present will get a possibility to present both on the scene and via a poster presentation.

Scene presentation:

Up to 5 minutes and maximum 3 slides plus title slide in PDF (16:9) format. This should be sent to

The deadline for sending the presentation for AI4X Services & Finance is March 23.

Some of the questions you may address in the presentation:

  • What do you expect to use AI for in the near future?
  • What AI techniques and technologies are you using?
  • For what applications?
  • What challenges and needs do you foresee for the future?

The presentations should be in English.

Poster presentation

There will also be a possibility to present a poster during a 1-hour poster session after each block of presentations.
The dimension for the poster is A0 in an upright format.