Open calls for positions and projects

Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest ever individual research program, a major national initiative for basic research, education and faculty recruitment. The total budget for the program is more than 3.5 billion SEK, and major goals are more than 50 new professors and more than 300 new PhDs within AI, Autonomous Systems and Software. The ambition is to advance Sweden into an internationally recognized and leading position in these areas, and WASP is now taking a step by launching a first broad investment in Artificial Intelligence. The offering includes several different positions to build and […]

WASP Professors Awarded Prestigious Prizes

Johan Håstad has received the Knuth prize, that is awarded for outstanding contributions to the foundations of computer science. The Knuth prize is awarded to individuals for their overall impact in the field. Professor Håstad receives the prize for his contributions to the areas of cryptography, optimization, parallel computing and complexity theory. The Knuth Prize is named after Donald E. Knuth, an American computer scientist and mathematician, and author of the fundamental work ‘The Art of Computer Programming’. The prize is awarded by ACM SIGACT and by IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Committee on the Mathematical Foundations of Computing, two major research organizations within […]