Winter Conference, Gothenburg 2019

Welcome to the 3rd WASP Winter Conference which will take place at Lindholmen in Gothenburg January 15-17 2019.

The purposes are to introduce new PhD students to WASP, give an update on WASP activities, and to give PhD students an opportunity to present
their research in a friendly environment.

All WASP AI PhD students are expected to participate in the whole event. We also expect both academic and industrial supervisors to participate Day 1 and half of Day 2.

All WASP AS PhD students are expected to participate starting lunch Day 2 (you are also welcome to attend the company presentations before lunch).
PhD students in batch 1 are expected to bring a poster presenting their research. PhD students in batch 2 are encourage to also bring posters.

All Cluster Leaders are expected to participate on the afternoon of Day 3.

All of WASP are welcome to fill out the remaining seats.

Last day to register: November 14th.


Tuesday January 15th

12.00-13.00   Lunch
13.00-13.05   Welcome to WASP, Lars Nielsen
13.05-14.30   Introduction to AI, ML and the research in WASP AI, Danica
                       Kragic, Johan Håstad & Fredrik Heintz
14.30-15.00   Coffee
15.00-15.30   Introduction to WASP Graduate School, Fredrik Heintz
15.30-17.00   Parallel discussions PhD students and Supervisors
18.00-22.00   WASP Student activity (the old students take out the new
                       students to dinner)

Wednesday January 16th

09.00-09.20   Introduction of WASP AS and Clusters, Karl-Erik Årzen
09.20-10.00   Presentation of WASP Autonomous Research Arenas, Gunnar
                      Bark, Jesper Tordenlid & Johan Eker
10.00-10.30   Coffee
10.30-12.00   Presentation of WASP Companies
12.00-13.00   Lunch
13.00-14.00   WASP Update, Lars Nielsen
14.00-15.00   WASP Experience reports
15.00-15.30   Coffee
15.30-16.00   Forming a WASP PhD Student Council
16.00-16.30   3 parallel poster pitching sessions
16.30-17.30   Poster session
19.00-22.00   Dinner

Thursday January 17th

09.00-10.00   3 parallel poster pitching sessions
10.00-10.30   Coffee
10.30-12.00   Cluster presentations / Poster session
12.00-13.00   Lunch
13.00-15.00   Cluster sessions