Things to do before summer school.

For all who are new to Linux/ROS, this set of tutorials will help you to get used to the terminology and get some practice which will help you during the summer school. Please follow the steps and complete the tutorials in the provided links before the summer school if possible.

During the summer school, you will be using Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo, other versions have some compatibility and support issues.

If you want to have a native installation of Linux and ROS navigate to the end of the document.

*If you are comfortable with Linux, we suggest that you use a native installation, it will be faster and efficient to work with ROS than a virtual machine.

Getting Started with Linux:

During the summer school and much of the upcoming courses, you will be using the Linux environment. If you are not used to it, this is the best time to get started with Linux. To make it simpler, we have created a Ubuntu virtual machine which can run on your Windows, Linux, Mac machine similar to any application and packed with all the softwares required for you.

VM Installation:

Follow these instructions for installation of the Virtual machine and getting started.

  • Install VirtualBox
  • Download wasp_vm.ova file ( Download_Link )
  • Copy the file to your computer
  • Enable VT-x
  • Open VirtualBox
  • File->Import Appliance (Ctrl+I)
  • Locate wasp_vm.ova file -> Next -> Import
  • pwd: wasp2016
  • If network on VM is not working, go to Settings(in virtualbox manager) -> Network -> keep settings as in below images.

Network_Settings_1.JPG Network_Settings_2.JPG

Linux Tutorials:

The following set of links provide introduction to Linux. (Do not spend a lot of time on these tutorials, you will get used to it when you start using it)

Getting Started with ROS:

If you have not used ROS (Robotic Operating System) before, the ROS wiki provides the best set of tutorials to get introduced to ROS. It may look little alienated initially, but you will start appreciating every part of it soon. Try to finish the beginner level tutorials before the summer school. Important tutorials are 2-16, you can choose either the python/c++ version based on your interest.

The ROS wiki is an amazing place to know more about ROS and to find answers to all your questions.

GIT Tutorials:

As you will be working in teams during the summer school but maybe more importantly during the following courses, you need a way to share code and collaborate in the development of systems. You might be working on different parts of the project and to make this collaboration simpler GIT is an amazing tool. Git takes some time to get used to but once you get a hang of it you will appreciate it. This tutorial provides a basic introduction to Github which is sufficient to get started. You can always do more. Unless you are familiar with git before the summer school, using git might put a bit too much strain on the group work as it takes some getting used to.

Native Installation:

Install Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo (Link) (Install Ros-Indigo-Desktop-full).

Install Turtlebot Deb Installation and ARDrone Autonomy package also.

During Summer School:

During the summer school, you will face a set of challenges which will guide you to the final task which is a competition. You will be using Turtlebot 2 and ARDrone 2.0 to perform all the tasks.