Getting to the WASP summer school 2016

Getting to KTH

Most of you will come with train to Stockholm. The train will take you to the central station. From there you take the subway to “Tekniska Hogskolan” which is on the red line (use the exit “Tekniska Hogskolan”) and you will surface near the red circle in large scale map. It is an easy 25 min walk from the central station to KTH so you should be able to do that if you have the time and the weather permits it. Some of you might want to stop by at the hotel first.

Getting to the summer school once at KTH

Getting to the lunch and introduction lecture

We will kick off the dummer school in lecture room D3. It is at the first floor of the main building of KTH. Its address is Lindstedtsvaegen 3 and it is the door to the right in the main gateway (marked G in the map below) into the inner yard of the main building of KTH. The approximate location of the room D3 in the building is marked with a blue circle and the dashed blue line indicates the path inside the building.

Getting to Stockholm by plane

If you fly into Stockholm, there are three main ways to get from the airport to KTH

  1. Bus – Flygbussarna. Will take you to the central station.
  2. Taxi – Use Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir och Taxi 020 (and be careful with other companies, especially if the name is very similar to any of these). It will cost around 470-520kr. Takes about 35min. You can pay with credits card. This is a good option if there are many of you. Order the taxi to Lindstedtsvägen 3 and it will take you to the door through which you reach the lecture room D3 fastest.
  3. Express train (Arlanda express) costs 280kr / person which you pay in a machine at the platform with credit card. Fast, comfortable but expensive. It will take you to the central station.