Software Technology for Autonomous Systems

Autonomous software requires specific software analysis and construction methods. This cluster fosters research with WASP in this area.


  • Study the current shortcomings of software technology for autonomous software
  • Propose new techniques (language, library, runtime, …)  for autonomous software
  • Evaluate effectiveness and applicability with empirical experiments

Connection to other WASP clusters:

  • Software Engineering for Smart Systems
  • Autonomous Clouds and Networks


  • Plenary meeting and poster session during WASP Winter Conference, Jan 10 2018, Lund
  • Faculty meeting WASP Faculty day, May 16 2018, Lidingö


Cluster leaders: Martin Monperrus (KTH) and Patrizio Pelliccione (GU)

Diarmuid Corcoran Main advisor: Christian Schulte
He Ye Main advisor: Martin Monperrus
John Törnblom Main advisor: Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
Long Zhang Main advisor: Martin Monperrus
Piergiuseppe Mallozzi Main advisor: Patrizio Pelliccione
Jonas Krook Main advisor: Martin Fabian
Alfred Åkesson Main advisor: Görel Hedin
Gustaf Waldemarson Main advisor: Michael Doggett
Maximilian Algehed Main advisor: Mary Sheeran
Noric Couderc Main advisor: Christoph Reichenbach
Nicolas Harrand Main advisor: Benoit Baudry