Posters WASP Winter Conference 2017

Alfred Åkesson Flexible Composition of Pervasive Systems
Amir Roozbeh Disaggregated Data Center
Apostolia Tsirikoglou Large Scale Photo-realistic Image Synthesis for Neural Networks Training in Autonomous Driving
Arian Ranjbar Verification Processes for Automated Road Vehicles
Bertil Grelsson Online Learning for Visual Navigation of UAVs
Carl-Johan Hoel Tactical decision-making in dynamic uncertain traffic situations
Chanh Nguyen Location-aware Load Prediction in Edge Data Centers
Christian Nelson A Simulation Framework for Vehicular Networks
David Gillsjö Semantic Structure from Motion
David Issa Mattos Data-driven Continuous Evolution of Smart Systems Self-experimentation in Human-Robot Interaction
Diarmuid Corcoran Software Architectures for Autonomous Energy Efficient Resource Allovation in 5G RAN
Erik Jakobsson Predictive Maintenance for Autonomous Mining
Fredrik Hagebring Integrated Verification, Optimization and Learning
Gustav Häger Correlation filters for generic visual object tracking
Hamed Sadeghi Control Using Distributed Information
Håkan Carlsson Autonomous Calibration of Sensor Arrays under Arbitrary Motion
Ivo Batkovic Automated driving incomplex environments
Jiexiong Tang Indoor Space Modeling using Flying Robot
Johan Karlsson The subtle art of testing algorithms in an autonomous vehicle
Johan Ludde Wessén Optimal Scheduling for Industrial Robot Applications
John Svensson Positioning in Underground Mines
Kristoffer Bergman Advanced Real-Time Planning and Decision Making
Lars Svensson Motion Planning for Automated Vehicles Considering Motion Prediction and Run-Time Risk Assessment
Linnea Persson Optimal Rendezvous Control
Martin Danelljan Discriminative Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking
Martin Lindfors Localization and Monitoring of Vehicles supported by Inertial Sensors
Mattias Tiger Online Learning and Stream Reasoning for Situation Awareness in Robotics
Max Åstrand Optimal Scheduling in Underground Mining
Mia Kokic Learning for Task Based Grasping
Mladen Čičić High Resolution Radio-Based Positioning System
Mårten Lager Digital Cognetive Comapnion for Marina Vessels
Oskar Ljungqvist Stability and Controller Structure for Self-driving Vehicles
Pavel Anistratov Interacting Motion Control
Per Boström Optimized Sensor Management for Airborne autonomous Systems
Per Skarin The Mission Critical Cloud
Piergiuseppe Mallozzi Machine Learning for Continuously Improving Safety-Critical Autonomous Systems
Rasmus Ros Continuous Software Optimization from Operational Data
Rebekka Wohlrab Continuous Management of Design-and Run-Time Artifacts for Autonomous Systems
Rui Oliveira HDV Precise Maneuvering in Urban Environments
Shahbaz Abdul Khader Skill Acquisition for Industrial Robots
Sofie Andersson Co-adaptive Human-Robot Interactive Systems
Tommi Nylander Brownout-ResponseTime Control forCloud Applications
Victor Fors Autonomous Lane-Keeping Maneuvers
Victor Millnert Controlling service-chains with end-to-end deadline constraints
Vidit Saxena A Supervised Learning Approach to Fast Link Adaptation
Xuhong Li High Resolution Radio-Based Positioning System